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The Lords of Askalon (Silesia, #2)

The Lords of Askalon (Silesia, #2) - S.K. Valenzuela I was lucky enough to read this book in advance...and it is fantastic! This is a darker, grittier story than Book 1, a study of human nature at its best and at its worst...and it's one heck of a wild ride. I loved the development of Sahara's character -- watching her grow and struggle and fall and try again to find her way in life. She is tough and vulnerable and passionate and broken, but struggling to find her identity and to overcome the ghosts of her past. We learn so much more about Jared and their friends, and meet some fascinating new enemies and allies along the way. And oh, do we visit some incredible worlds. Everything is so richly imagined and so unique...and I loved getting some more of the back story about why the worlds are the way they are. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and what started out as a simple enough plan quickly spirals out of control, as Sahara and crew discover just what happened in the aftermath of their rather Pyrrhic victory on Silesia.

I'm already dying to know what will happen in the next book!