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Spirit's End

Spirit's End - Rachel Aaron Wow...this was a phenomenal end to the lovely Eli Monpress saga...I'm still stunned and amazed and a little breathless from that wild ride of a book. Rachel Aaron did a masterful job of weaving little threads throughout the whole series, only to draw them out and show their interweaving pattern in this final book. This is masterful craftsmanship at its finest. And not only that, but all of those characters who have kind of grown into the story along the way now prove to be vital to its outcome.

Nico and Josef's story arc has been one of the most fascinating to me through this whole series, and Rachel Aaron had me biting my nails through this whole book, in sheer terror over what would become of poor Nico. I loved watching the ever-changing and growing dynamic between Eli and Miranda, and Eli and his parents. And I kind of fell a little in love with the Lord of Storms...if that's possible with a storm. ;-)

Rachel Aaron brings us literally to the brink of irreversible, apocalyptic doom. The whole story long I'm thinking, "There's no way this can ever be fixed! WE'RE DOOOOOOMED!!!!" The tension and suspense was unbelievable. I literally could not put the book down the whole time I was reading it. I ate with it, brought it secretly to work, stayed up way too late with it. And it was exhilarating, astounding, heart-pounding genius.

I'm so sad this series is now over, but I know I will reread it many times in the future. And I can't see what story will flow next from this author's masterful pen.