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Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis 2.5-ish stars...I'm entirely uncertain what I thought about this book. I read it very quickly, even though some aspects of the writing really bothered me...and the characters felt rather odd. I figured out the mystery not a quarter of the way into the book and just kept waiting for the other characters to figure it out. And some elements of the story were just plain freaky...and not in a good way. The Season? Yeah, that went on way too long, and was way too explicit for my tastes. Seriously, ugh.

Also, some things just didn't make sense from a world-building perspective. Why did they need to go to Centauri-Earth? The only picture we get of life on Earth was very normal kinds of track-meets and dates kind of stuff. I didn't get the sense that the Earth was falling apart. If there was this sudden need to go terraform another planet, then surely other ships would be following Godspeed, right? You'd send one ship ahead to get the work done, and then more ships would follow. Otherwise, what's the point? Why go all the way across the universe with a handful of humans if there was no intention of cryogenically freezing more of the population and sending them after you? You wouldn't wait till the original ship landed and terraformed the planet to send the next wave, because obviously there's a 250 year gap between takeoff and landing. All that to say, it would have made such a more interesting story if Amy had known that Jason would be frozen next year and sent after her, and that eventually they would meet up again on Centauri-Earth. If there's no immediacy to the mission, there just doesn't seem to be a reason for it. And that bothers me.

Still, I might pick up the next one...I'm fairly interested to see how the characters move forward from here.