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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer LOVED. It was fantastic...I wished we'd seen more of Kai, but I loved Thorne, Wolf and Scarlet...and Cinder was fantastic as always. There were times when I was thinking at Marissa Meyer, "OH no you don't.....oh good, you didn't....oh WAIT, you're not gonna...WAIT WAIT WHAT!!!" Yeah, it was that kind of read. I love how she interweaves the fairy tales in with cyborgs and spaceships, while still painting a beautiful pastoral picture of rural France (with CHICKENS! Sorry, I liked the chickens). And was it just me or were there some fun little nods to Firefly/Serenity in here? Thorne reminded me so much of a younger, more foppish Mal, smuggling dolls and food and trying to fly under the radar... I loved it. (The disembodied voice "incorporeally possessing a spaceship"? Yeah. That was fantastic.)

My only issue was at the very beginning of the novel, the writing felt a little choppy...a little less polished than I'd expected. Once I got past those first couple chapters of passive verbs and telling passages, though, the story really picked up. I can't wait for the next....why must I wait a whole year? Why? The torture! Remember, the torture? :-)